• Q. Why should I use iaccept's electronic signature process?
    A. Lots of reasons:
    • It's cheaper and faster than overnight mail – it's even cheaper than "snail mail"!
    • There's no need to print, sign, copy, fax/scan, and email – a few clicks, and it's done.
    • Instant notification is sent to you once the agreement is signed
    • Work from any web browser – work, home, when traveling
    • Set up automatic reminders to the signer – that way, no contract gets lost or forgotten in the daily shuffle
    • Documents are retained on our servers -- if your system crashes, or if you are nowhere near your system, you still have the documents
    • Hard copy documents around the office can be lost or stolen – keeping them online helps you manage that risk
    • Use our free library of documents, as often as you like
    • Copying someone on the final agreement couldn't be easier – just list them as a "cc:" or "cc: only after fully signed," or email them the PDF after signing.
    • Save a tree! It's green technology – only print the paper if you need it!
  • Q. Are electronic signatures legal?
    A. Yes – In 2000, the E-SIGN Act ("Electronic Signatures In Global and National Commerce Act") was adopted. It says that a signature "may not be denied legal effect, validity or enforceability solely because it is in electronic form."
  • Q. Are there any documents I should not sign with an electronic signature?
    A. U.S. Code Title 15, Chapter 96, Subchapter I, Section 7001-7006 is where the law is stated. A few types of documents were excepted from the E-SIGN legislation. Of course, if there's any doubt, always seek legal advice.
  • Q. What file formats are supported by iaccept?
    A. PDFs, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, as well as text-based forms with input fields and checkboxes. Other formats are on their way soon.
  • Q. Is it expensive to try?
    A. No –unless you think free is expensive! If you are going to use it only once in a while, you can do that for free. Monthly individual subscriptions are only $9.95 per month – that's less than the cost of one overnight mail delivery!
  • Q. If I like it, how long do I have to sign up for?
    A. It's month to month, and you can cancel any time you wish.
  • Q. Is this process confidential?
    A. Yes, and you can decide just how confidential to make it. Each account is linked to your email addresses and password protected. As the sender of the document, you can also add secure the document signing process with a password, so the document cannot even be accessed without it.
  • Q. Can my documents be accessed later?
    A. Yes. As a premium member, we'll retain your document files on our servers for the length of your subscription and 90 days thereafter - any time you need an agreement that was already signed, you just access it from your account. As a free user, we'll retain your last 5 signed documents.
  • Q. Can the document be altered after it is signed?
    A. No. Every document is uniquely coded, and any alterations will change that coding. So, no worries about subsequent tampering. We also capture the IP address it was signed from, which can help identify the signer. So, you actually have more data to support you than if sent in the mail and hand-signed.
  • Q. Is this process secure?
    A. Yes. All communications on the site are encrypted with full 256-bit SSL security. Your account and all your documents are password protected, and no one can access your data unless you grant them permission. All passwords are hashed using a one-way salted algorithm. The servers on which iaccept.com runs are stored in Amazon's highly-secure EC2 Server Facility.
Frequently Asked Questions